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 General FAQs of the Game.

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PostSubject: General FAQs of the Game.   Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:33 pm

Q: How many cards are needed for a deck?
A: 50. Nothing more, nothing less.

Q: How many triggers can I put?
A: 16 triggers. The maxium amount of 'Heal' triggers you can put is 4. But you can cap the rest at any amount.

Q: How many cards of the same copy can I put?
A: 4.

Q: Can different clans trigger different clan based triggers?
A: Only if the other clan is present.
E.G. - Blaster Blade [Royal Paladins] Vanguard attacks and gets Bahr [Heat Haze]'s critical trigger. Only if another Heat Haze clan is on the field, can the trigger activate.

Q: Can I ride different clans?
A: Yes. But it is not recommanded.

Q: Are there phases in Vanguard?

A: Draw Phase -> Ride Phase -> Main Phase -> Battle Phase -> End Phase
Quote :
Draw Phase: Draw a card.
Ride Phase: Ride your vanguard.
Main Phase: Activate abilities and Call & Retire rear guards.
Battle Phase: Attacking your opponent.
End Phase: Passing your turn.
Q: How does the battle system work?
A: Opponent attack -> Declare Guardian -> Drive/Twin Trigger Check -> Damage Trigger Check

Q: Abilities for Grades?
A: Grade 0s & 1s are the only ones that can be called as the backrow Rearguard, Grade 2s can intercept if they are in the frontrow Rearguard and Grade 3s can cast the Twin Drive Ability.

Q: How do I move my rearguards?
A: You can move the Rear Guard back and forward (You cannot move your Rear Guards to the left or right). This applies to the Rear Guard Circles on the left and right. But if a Unit is on the Circle behind the Vanguard, it cannot move at all.

Q: Are there certain costs to activate powerful skills?
A: There is the "Soul Charge", "Soul Blast" & "Counter Blast".
Quote :
Soul Charge: Place the top card of your deck at the bottom of the stack of cards underneath your Vanguard.
Soul Blast: Move cards from stack of cards underneath your Vanguard equal to the number required to the Drop Zone, starting with the card directly under your Vanguard.
Counter Blast: To activate a Counter Blast ability, flip face-up cards in your Damage Zone face down equal to the number required.
Q: Is there a cap for a certain number of grades in a deck?
A: No. You can have 49 Grade 3s and 1 Grade 0 just like Morikawa from the anime! Laughing

Q: What does the Chinese Characters stand for?

A: [永] : Continuous
(Abilities that are ever present and adapts accordingly to the conditions set upon it.)
[起] : Startup
(Abilities that can activate only during your Main Phase. Can be stacked.)
[自] : Auto
(Abilities that trigger automatically should the conditions be met.)

Credits: for reference.
More info on the general rulings @
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General FAQs of the Game.
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